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We have more than 30 years experience in Coffee Business. We offer commercial coffee machines to rent or buy, FREE training, fast servicing, accessories and all the related supplies. Over the years we have increasingly assisted and take great pride in helping people start up and expand their coffee shops, cafes and restaurants in Scotland, England and Wales. Call us now for FREE to discuss your rental needs.

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We take a great deal of pride in demonstrating the best techniques to use to produce drinks of outstanding quality. We recognise that our clients often face fierce competition from other high street coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and not least from national chains with huge marketing budgets. One of the best ways to compete and build long term solid business is by offering excellent coffee. Our objective is show how that can be done.

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The Tapside arrangement for breakdown maintenance on the Company’s rented coffee machines is to provide breakdown maintenance free of charge. Exclusions only exclude blatant misuse and damage from out-with the coffee machine. It is half price for equipment that is the property of regular customers. Only the replacement and the fitting of naturally failed components are free on rented equipment not being used for Tapside supplies or where supplies are only used intermittently. All technical and engineering work on rented commercial coffee machines must be arranged through our company as agreed in our contract.

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