Zircon espresso coffee machine comes with 2 groups, and programmable buttons to control the coffee volumes, with automatic water filling into a copper boiler with 6 liters capacity with heat exchanger.

Two steam taps (stainless steel) and one hot water tap. It only requires a 13 amp sockets and connection to a main drinking water supply.

Its small footprint makes Zircon 2GR an ideal coffee machine in powerfully providing a constant supply of high quality drinks from a limited space. Bespoke colour panels are also available where blending with the existing décor is desirable.

Dimensions: W – 680mm  D – 580mm  H - 523mm

Installations include a full range of accessories:

•    Coffee Grinder

•    Coffee waste box

•    Stainless steel Frothing and shot jugs

•    Professional metal/wood Tamper

•    Milk Frothing Thermometer

•    Steam Arm Wiper

•    Free menu holders

•    Initial supply of Group Head Cleaning Powder

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