This stylish Zircon Compact 2GR coffee machine is ideal where space is at a premium and yet It can adequately satisfy the many coffee bar demands. With the same operational specification as its big brother it is only constrained by a smaller 6 liters boiler that is usually only noticeable when big volumes of hot water are required for such things as multiple pots of tea.

 ZIRCON Compact 2GR Black

Brew-groups: 2

AC: 1-phase: 2700 W

Dimension (mm): Width: 460 Height: 530 Depth: 580

Range: Coffee, Tea

Electricity: 1-phase

Water filling: Automatic

Installations include a full range of


•    Coffee Grinder

•    Coffee waste box

•    Stainless steel Frothing and shot jugs

•    Milk Frothing Thermometer

•    Steam Arm Wiper

•    Free menu holders

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