Bean To Cup Coffee Machine Rental

Automatically Grind, Tamp & Extract

Commercial Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

Bean to Cup machines automatically grind the coffee, tamp it, and extract the espresso shot. The operator only has to fill the bean hopper and press a button.

Some models contain an automated milk frothing using fresh milk and some use a powdered milk. Bean to cup machines take away the ability to manually tamp and grind the coffee, which may affect the quality of the espresso handle ensuring quality is consistent with every drink.

Jura X8 Bean to Cup Machine

The Jura X8 Bean To Cup machine offers a full range of speciality coffee drinks including flat white, cafe latte and cappuccino at the touch of a button, They are hot, fresh, delicious and all from a modern, impressive coffee machine.

  • The Jura X8 is an ideal choice for any establishment serving around 80 cups per day.
  • Jura is already a well-established world market leader in automatic commercial bean to cup coffee machines.
  • The Jura X8 brings new levels of excellence into Jura’s X-Line machines that are elegant in looks and design
  • Easy user operation
  • Piping hot drinks such as flat white, latte and cappuccino – A UK first!
  • Simple, fresh milk cleaning when using fresh milk for optimum quality
  • Compact for fitting into smaller space but still with high output
  • A 5-litre manual fill water tank is standard.
  • Height adjustable spout for larger cups
  • The unit also has a clear cup positioning aid that is ideal for self-service use, as are the large, clearly arranged selection buttons.
  • Drink options are quickly repositioned on the visual display.
  • The machine can also dispense 2 coffees at a time when required.
  • FREE 1 litre milk chiller currently included (Value £240 + VAT)
  • FREE Beans worth £1500 when sold as drinks at average retail prices
Jura Bean to Cup Machine

Primadonna Bean to Cup Experience

This machine produces 12 oz cappuccinos and lattes in only 1.5 minutes at a high temperature of 75oC and even cope with 16 oz drinks in its stride. That is better than most commercial bean to cup machines costing ten times more!

When it comes to specials, it has an easy-loading chute for specialities like decaffeinated coffee. Moreover, a plug-in carafe means that drinking chocolate is a breeze in producing the creamy whipped luxury drink for all those chocolate lovers.

The electronics are unbelievably sophisticated that even replicate the touch screen control using blue tooth connection to remotely control it from mobile phones.

It then extends its power even more by offering six individual preprogrammed groups of 13 drinks variations. All drinks are then available with one finger touch screen operation.

Primadonna Coffee Machine

Brilliance Bean to Cup Machine

The Brilliance is a fully automatic espresso machine that gives you a fine selection of hot drinks. Naturally, you get a good espresso with a perfect crema. You also get a cappuccino, latte macchiato or why not a cup of hot chocolate, to name a few.

How do you make your coffee? Well, just push the button, and enjoy the drink you selected.

It's that easy!

The Brilliance coffee machine has a built-in grinder, a large bean hopper for espresso beans and a canister for topping and chocolate. That is up to 7 drink alternatives, as well as tea water.

Thanks to the use of topping, the machine is very simple to handle and even clean.

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