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Our stainless steel catering cutlery collection includes ranges for the restaurant, cafe & food service industry.

Quality stainless steel wholesale cutlery with a mix of modern, stylish and traditional designs.

Whether it’s customer steak knives, specialist chef’s knives or full-service cutlery sets, Tapside supplies everything you need to run a successful food service outlet.

Extensive Range of Catering & Restaurant Cutlery

Choose from an extensive range of 9 traditional and modern stainless steel catering cutlery sets to complement and match the image, location & food presentation of your restaurant, pub, club or cafe.

Tableware Range

Wholesale Cafe, Coffee Shop & Restaurant Cutlery Supplies

Extensive range of wholesale catering equipment for restaurants, cafes, hotels, pubs & clubs.

Choosing the right cutlery design to suit your style of dining is an essential element of your table settings complementing your food presentation.

Steak knives to chefs knives, cake forks, fish knives, soup spoons to everyday knives & forks.
From traditional and modern designs you will find something to enhance every type of dining presentation from our selection of cutlery styles.