Cino 5 Canister Instant Coffee Machine


Machine Type

Instant Fresh Mix


Coin Operation, Used


5 Cannister

Finance Options


  1. The Cino is an exceptionally easy machine to operate and use.
  2. High-speed whippers greatly enhance the flavour for each drink.
  3. The on/off option on the coin acceptor makes it ideal for self-service.
  4. Some of our clients have already had the Cino for years without any bother whatsoever.
  5. If you think you may have an application for this unit please contact us on 01506 823402 to arrange a trial – Don’t leave it too long though because we only have one in stock

Cino 5 Canister Instant Coffee Machine

£35.75 Ex. Vat

You can have this machine installed, programmed working and earning for you for an initial payment of only £150.70 + VAT. The ongoing monthly rent is shown above and you are only obliged to continue for 4 months.

Please contact us before making payment to confirm availability.

  • The Price is the monthly rent for this machine.
  • We provide an additional free month at the end of each contraact.
  • You can stop the contract at any time after four months.
  • V.A.T. is payable at the standard rate.
  • Ongoing payments are by direct debit.
  • Ensuring payment from your nominated Bank is your responsibility.
  • Non-payment on a due date will end a contract after one month.
  • In most cases, you are not obliged to buy our supplies.

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