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DeLonghi Prima Donna - Bean to Cup


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Bean to Cup

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Buy, Lease

The Prima Donna

is a low-cost Bean to Cup Coffee machine with features well above expectation. You will find that it is well suited to locations where high-quality fresh milk-based drinks are required. Each drink is easily produced automatically from a simple touch to a screen. It’s small cabinet also means that it fits into spaces that would be unsuitable for larger machines.

An inbuilt water tank does away with the requirement for a mains water connection thereby allowing it to work independently from any 13 amp standard electric socket.

With a capability to produce up to 50 drinks per day and even be operated remotely from a mobile phone it is a good looking and superbly functional addition to any bar.

DeLonghi Prima Donna - Bean to Cup

£1,488.00 Ex. Vat

DeLonghi produces a range of Bean to Cup machines and the Prima Donna is top of the range.

  • If you are looking for luxurious full flavoured coffee this machine will not let you down.
  • We have added it to our range because it is ideally suited for locations such as bar gantries and where really good coffee is required in quantities of 30 to 45 cups daily.
  • It is easy to make selections from a one touch screen (or your cellphone or tablet). It is also easy to clean and programme for a huge range of drinks. It only needs a small space and it is also completely portable thanks to its inbuilt water tank.

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