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Electric Airpot Urn

Product features
  • Volume 4.25Ltr
  • Dimensions (mm)  355(h) x 235(w) x 237(d)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Voltage 230V
  • Warranty 1 Year light Commercial
  • Weight 2.9kg
  • Push-button dispenser
  • 60-second re-boil
  • Lock lid
  • Maintains water just under boiling
Electric Airpot Urn

£57.00 £47.77 Ex. Vat

This low cost, transportable boiler urn is ideal for light commercial use. The design is attractive and contemporary. The electric airpot is a portable, compact manual fill water boiler of 4.25-litre capacity. It is suited for meeting rooms, waiting areas, breakfast services or small scale mobile catering. It is easy to operate. Fill to the required level, connect the power. The water is then maintained at below boiling temperature until switched off.

To dispense water either use the push-button pump mechanism. Alternatively, hold the cup or mug against the sensor for automatic water dispensing. The unit also has a rotary base that allows positioning as required. It is perfect for light commercial use.




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