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RHEA Bean2Cup - Price is rent for 2 months. CLICK IMAGE FOR DETAILS


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Bean to Cup

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This Rhea Bean to cup machine has these many advanced features

  • 90% saving on electricity when compared to a conventional boiler.
  • An intelligent heating system adjusts the temperature of the water to the specific drink recipe requested.
  • An infusion chamber that adjusts to the quantity of ground coffee required by the drink selected.
  • The interaction between the mechanics means a perfect cup of coffee, every time.
  • An advanced grinder communicates electronically with the brewer to provide the grind best suited to each drink.
  • An induction heater that determines the ideal water temperature.

As any coffee expert knows, different grinds require different water temperatures and variable amounts of time in contact with the ground coffee.


RHEA Bean2Cup - Price is rent for 2 months. CLICK IMAGE FOR DETAILS

£236.08 £190.66 Ex. Vat

The price shown, (currently on introductory offer) is for two months rent, (i.e. first and last month) of your contract. Your next and subsequent payments are half of this amount and your final month, already paid, is free. Ongoing payments must be made by direct debit. Payment reliability from your Bank is entirely your responsibility.
Please contact us before making a payment since there are some country areas that we cannot responsibly cover for after-service. You may stop your contract at any time after four months.
If you wish to buy the equipment then a discounted settlement is available on written request twice in any year. Payment is required within ten days from the date of our offer.
NOTE;- Our contract does not oblige you to use our products, however, when you do then the settlement figure is proportionately discounted.

The Serial number for this machine is 20190708506