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Low cost mains-fed water cooler

Mains fed water cooler

Check out our New Fleet high capacity, low cost mains-fed water cooler. Unlimited water always on tap at the press of a button.
The Fleet Water Cooler is our latest model featuring a new Direct Chill, Ice Bank technology. The Fleet Direct Dispense+ system uses this revolutionary technology.
This new cooler presents a design that is likely to be a key player in the mains fed water cooler market. The Fleet cooler promises reliability and greatest performance.
The developers have designed this cooler to be a key player in the mains-fed water cooler market. They have created thes latest model based upon Ice bank technology. Ice banks offer excellent performance and the most efficient sanitisation.
The Fleet water cooler delivers high quality drinking water at the touch of a button. This is a robust, reliable mains fed water cooler which will fit well into any environment.
The choice includes Ambient and Chilled, as well as Cold and Carbonated waters. The Fleet Cooler offers users the perfect drinking experience every time. 
The Fleet is well engineered and designed to provide whatever your preference. Request yours today!
This new water cooler supplies unlimited, filtered and chilled water due to it’s direct dispense+ technology
As the growth of the mains-fed market continues to grow users raise concerns about contamination. They question the purity of the water from mains fed machines.
With the Fleet now available, you can put your customers minds at rest. The fleet filtration system reduces the microbiological contamination by 98%. It makes it one of the safest mains-fed coolers available on the market.