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We have a good selection of well kept second hand coffee machines because our coffee machine rental contracts allow the return of  machines and included equipment after four months. This means that desirable quality machines become available as each contract terminates.

However, upon return, nothing is taken for granted and all equipment immediately returned to our workshops where it is thoroughly inspected and tested. Then, based on the results, our engineers replace new components and parts wherever they are needed.

As you may appreciate it is also important for us that reliability is of a high standard so that we avoid the high cost of ongoing site visits by our engineers.

Service trips are free to you but when required, they do represent a significant loss to us as part of our free service, so good reliable machines benefit us as well.

These machines can represent excellent value, and second-hand does not mean second best or lower performance and reliability.

Where cost is a factor, they are indeed an ideal choice.

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Current Used Coffee Machine Rental Stock

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