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Chocolate drinks and products

Indulge in Chocolatey Delights: Explore Our Range of Hot Chocolate & Chocolate Treats

Calling all chocoholics! Dive into a world of rich, decadent flavours with our irresistible selection of hot chocolate drinks and chocolatey treats.

Whether you customers crave a steaming mug of creamy hot chocolate on a chilly day or a sprinkle of sweetness to elevate your desserts, we have everything to tantalize their taste buds.

Chocolate drinks can be prepared in a variety of ways, with fresh milk, water, or by machine. Tapside stocks a range of chocolate products suitable for a variety of uses.

Chocolate drinks and products Range

Hot Chocolate Heaven:

  • Classic Comfort: Indulge in timeless favourites like our luxurious dark hot chocolate, perfect for purists. Prefer a touch of sweetness? Our milk hot chocolate offers a delightful balance of creamy cocoa and sugar.
  • Flavourful Fiesta: For the adventurous spirit, explore our exciting range of flavoured hot chocolates. Imagine a swirl of mint syrup for a refreshing twist, or a decadent infusion of orange or caramel syrup for a burst of citrusy or buttery goodness.
  • The Gourmet Touch: Feeling fancy? Take your hot chocolate experience to the next level with our gourmet options. Speckled with real chocolate sprinkles or infused with a touch of chilli or spice, these hot chocolates are a guaranteed indulgence.

Beyond the Mug:

Our cocoa creations extend far beyond the realm of hot drinks. Elevate your baking and dessert repertoire with our range of delightful chocolate treats:

  • Sprinkle Sensation: Transform any cupcake, ice cream sundae, or fruit salad into a masterpiece with our vibrant and delicious sprinkles. Their is something to add a touch of fun to every treat.
  • White Chocolate Wonders: For those who love the smooth, milky taste of white chocolate, we offer an enticing selection of white chocolate drinks. Enjoy on its own or create your own decadent white chocolate drink by adding a splash of Monin Flavoured Syrups.

Endless Hot Chocolate & Chocolate Treat Inspiration:

The Beauty of Customization: The true magic of our hot chocolate and chocolate treats lies in their versatility. Customize your hot chocolate by adding a dollop of whipped cream, a sprinkle of marshmallows, or a drizzle of caramel sauce. Our chocolate treats can be enjoyed straight from the bag, incorporated into baking, or used to create beautiful and delicious decorations.

Beyond the Basics: Think outside the box! Hot chocolate isn't just for drinking. Use it to create a chocolate glaze for cakes or pastries, or as a base for a rich and decadent chocolate mousse. Our chocolate treats can be used to rim cocktail glasses, add a touch of pizazz to milkshakes, or even be melted to create homemade chocolate sauce.

With our wide range of hot chocolate drinks and chocolate treats, the possibilities for indulging your sweet tooth are endless. Explore our delectable options today and embark on a delicious chocolate adventure!

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