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Cost Effective and Affordable Coffee Equipment to Rent

A Tapside rental contract offers a number of benefits over outright purchase or leasing.

  • Everything is delivered for an initial small instalment.
  • No cumbersome long term loans are required
  • You keep the bulk of your spare cash for “rainy days”.
  • Free breakdown maintenance is included as standard.
  • You can cancel at short notice if  required.
  • Continuation is at your discretion after 4 payments.
  • You can opt to own at a discount anytime it suits you.

After the initial payment the next payment is then taken by direct debit after one month and then charged each month thereafter till you decide to stop. An advance month is then always in place throughout the period of the contract except for the final month that is free.
Continuation is entirely at your discretion after 4 payments have been completed. If you get your Bank to  stop your direct debit payments it automatically cancels your contract and any further commitment, however, accidentally missed payments must be rectified within 7 days to keep the contract going.

Cost Effective and Affordable Coffee Equipment to Rent Range

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