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With over 40 years experience in providing affordable coffee machine rentals, we’ve built up a very loyal customer base with some fantastic companies. Read what they have to say about our service & click their logo to go to their Facebook page.

We have been using Tapside for our coffee machine supplies and water cooler services for 12 years and are very pleased with the service provided. If there are any issues with the machines (very rare) they come out and repair or replace very quickly. Supplies are also promptly supplied and we have no hesitation in recommending them to any potential future customer. (Click logo to see Facebook page)
The staff at Tapside are my new best friends and I look forward to working with you all! We really enjoyed our training yesterday and the neighbours were very impressed with the sample coffees they got after Claire left. Hopefully be able to put an order in soon. Thanks, Glenda. (Click logo to see Facebook page)
We have worked with Tapside for many years, always helpful, gains an understanding of our needs and never tries to oversell. It has been a pleasure over the years and long may it continue. (Click logo to see Facebook page)
I just wanted to say how great Claire was last week when she came in for the training. We were all really pleased with how she explained everything and even managed to get our shyest team member to make a cappuccino 😁 Wanted to mention it as too often great service is overlooked and unappreciated. Thanks, Karlie (Click logo to see Facebook page)
I have now leased two coffee machines from Tapside and on both occasions the delivery and installation were extremely quick and professional and they stay with you until they are happy that the machine is producing the right crema and that the grinder is at the optimum setting to ensure this happens. I run a business from home so it is in my family kitchen and used regularly. The rental is very affordable, particularly if you are used to paying Starbucks and Costa prices for your favourite drinks! I highly recommend Tapside for high quality machines and first class service. (Click logo to see Facebook page)
Tapside have been instrumental to getting our cafe off the ground. They provided our initial training to our pupils so they became confident in Barista skills and continue to support us through our journey.  Staff are always willing to help and also the quality of the coffee is outstanding!

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