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Arctic Revolution 75B Contactless Water Cooler (Black) with KLARAN UVC LED Shield



  • Direct chill ambient & cold water cooler
  • Modern Table Top design
  • FloodGuard inlet solenoid protects the cooler against large scale flooding
  • Impressive 23cm dispensing height
  • Manual buttons to dispense water
  • High quality –built to last
  • Available in black

Additional KLARAN Specifications:


  • The revolutionary KLARAN UVC LED Shield destroys 99%+ of Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E-Coli, Pseudomonas, Legionella and other bacteria
  • The Klaran UVC LED Shield is situated between the Direct Chill Tank and in front of the dispensing tap, to provide point of dispense protection from bacteria and viruses


Additional Contactless Specifications:


  • Infra red sensors to enable contactless dispensing
  • Retains manual touch buttons to dispense water.
Arctic Revolution 75B Contactless Water Cooler (Black) with KLARAN UVC LED Shield

£666.75 Ex. Vat


  • Height 240mm
  • Width 488mm
  • Depth 373mm
  • Weight 14kg

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