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Canderel Sweetener Sachets

  • op a Canderel Sweetener tablet in your daily cup of tea, coffee, lemonade or protein shake to get calorie free instant sweetness.
  • The sweetener tablets have a delightful taste, are calorie-free per serving, and provide just the right amount of sweetness to your drinks.
  • 1 Canderel Sweetener tablet has Zero (0) calories vs. 1 teaspoon of sugar (16 calories).
  • Canderel tablets are suitable for diabetics, have a delicious sweet taste and perfect for those who dislike the bitter aftertaste of other sweeteners.
  • Canderel tablets are safe for lacto-vegetarian and kosher diets.
Canderel Sweetener Sachets


Canderel Sweetener Sachets
1000 0.5g sachets


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