DeJong Duke Nio Bean to Cup Espresso Machine


Machine Type

Bean to Cup

Finance Options

Partner, Rent



This Dejong Duke Machine offers quality drinks from a coffee machine with great capacities and beautiful features in an easy-to-use and stylish design. The Nio confirms what you expect; a surprising coffee experience from a professional and reliable coffee machine.

  • Full colour 10’4” touch screen – capable of slide presentations and video advertising (we can create to order)
  • Large capacity 150+ drinks per day
  • 200+ drink configurations giving a solution for every situation.
  • ConnectMe Technology Turns Nio into an internet communication platform
    • We adjust offsite over the internet – Just tell us what you want
      • e.g. Stronger milder, larger smaller, hotter cooler
  • The machine even sends us an email us immediately it detects a malfunction.
    • We can then connect online to determine the problem component and quickly arrange a replacement.

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DeJong Duke Nio Bean to Cup Espresso Machine

£98.77 Ex. Vat

The DeJong Duke Nio Bean to Cup Espresso Machine is a top-end coffee machine and the rental price reflects this. However, to make this machine affordable we are offering a new partnership agreement at £98.77 per month (= £22.79 per week) that is substantially discounted from the normal rental of £171 per month. This special price is only available for Customers who choose to use our products at standard prices. Exclusive commitment is required but no minimum orders apply. Call us on 01506 823402 for more details.

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