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Enjoy Single Wall Disposable Cups 16oz (Box of 1000)

Introducing our versatile single wall disposable cups!

Not just for coffee, these cups are perfect for serving piping hot soup, mulled wine, or deliciously hearty punches.

Say goodbye to the typical printed “coffee cup design” and embrace a unique style that stands out from the crowd.

While these cups may not have double walls, they still pack a punch when it comes to functionality.

However, do keep in mind that their temperature retention might require some caution.

For those who prefer their beverages extra hot, we recommend pairing our cups with our convenient “slip-on paper sleeves” – providing added insulation and comfort for your hands.

Enjoy Single Wall Disposable Cups 16oz (Box of 1000)

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Choose our single-wall disposable cups for an exceptional drinking experience like no other.

Cafes, coffee shops, and coffee stalls can now elevate their beverage offerings by presenting drinks and foods in these eye-catching single-wall cups.

Stand out from the competition with confidence as you serve up steaming coffee, teas, soups or soul-warming mulled wine in a cup that exudes charm and elegance.

Your customers will be delighted as they sip on their favourite hot treats while enjoying a touch of sophistication. Upgrade your service today!

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