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Decaffeinated Coffee Beans 1Kg – Espré 100

Unlock the full potential of your customers’ coffee experience with our premium Decaffeinated Coffee Beans.

Espré Decaffeinated Coffee Beans offer a smooth and mellow experience, with 97% of the caffeine removed.

Indulge your customers with all the rich coffee pleasure they crave with the same nutritional goodness as regular coffee, without compromising on taste or aroma.

Experience pure coffee bliss without the caffeine kick! Espré decaffeinated coffee beans are meticulously crafted to deliver the same exceptional taste and aroma as regular coffee.

Whether you run a restaurant, cafe or coffee shop – Espré decaf beans are your ticket to serving up perfection every time. Delight your patrons with a milder yet flavourful cup that’s sure to leave them wanting more.

Perfectly roasted and ground for your convenience, Espré decaf coffee will captivate your customers’ senses while offering a milder flavour profile.

Decaffeinated Coffee Beans 1Kg – Espré 100


With our premium decaf coffee, you can confidently offer a delightful brew that’s perfect for all-day enjoyment.

Embrace this bold change while keeping everything else intact – nutritional value, quality, and customer satisfaction!

Espré 100 Decaffeinated Coffee Beans 1Kg Our decaf also comes pre-ground in 10gm Sachets

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