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Poldemill Fairtrade Chocolate Sprinkles

With Organic Fairtrade Poldermill Chocolate Sprinkles you can quickly and easily decorate your cappuccinos or lattes. The Poldermill Barista Chocolate Sprinkler is excellent for perfecting you hot beverages.

This shaker drum is self contained with 3 sizes of opening on top to control how much powder you are dispensing each time – no need to pour the product into another shaker to use.

Simply twist the top of the shaker drum to one of the three sized openings, and top your drink with a light dusting of this high quality product.

Poldermill Barista Chocolate Sprinkler is perfect for any barista. Poldermill Barista Chocolate Sprinkler allows you to distribute the perfect amount of chocolate sprinkles allowing for even coverage of deserts and hot beverages.

Poldemill Fairtrade Chocolate Sprinkles


Poldermill chocolate powder shaker tub for cappuccinos is packed in a fully disposable cardboard tub.

Chocolate sprinkler for cappuccinos is suitable for Vegetarians, They may contain traces of nuts & and milk


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