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Puly Grouphead Cleaner 900g

The Puly Caff 900g powder is used for cleaning espresso machine group heads and stainless steel. A heavy duty, fast dissolving cleaner powder designed for cleaning traditional espresso coffee machines –

  • 900g of powder

Puly Grouphead Cleaner 900g

£8.27 Ex. Vat

Puly Grouphead Cleaner 900g

Puly grouphead cleaner is generally considered as the industry standard. It is used on a daily basis by baristas throughout the U.K. Directions for its use are clearly shown on each tub and these should be followed carefully to ensure trouble-free cleaning procedures. In particular, users should not use more than the recommended quantity. The number of flushes is also important in to avoid the blocking of water through the group heads. Where practical, it also helps to avoid water blocking by doing the cleaning cycle at the start of shifts rather than the end.

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