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Puly Verde Milk Frother Cleaner 1L

Product features

  • Brand: Puly
  • Size: 1l
  • Dose: 25ml
  • Total Doses: 40
  • Ideal for steam tubes, automatic milk frothers and milk pitchers
  • Completely non-hazardous
  • Safe to use in a catering/ foodservice environment

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Puly Verde Milk Frother Cleaner 1L

£9.60 Ex. Vat

Puly Verde Milk Frother Cleaner is non-harmful to the environment and all packaging is made from recycled materials or is recyclable.

As with our standard Puly Milk Frother Cleaner, Puly Verde Milk cleans inside as well as outside the steam tubes. The scale inhibitor removes the hard calcium deposits which prevents the growth of bacteria on the organic fats and proteins contained in these deposits. This enables and improves the texture and quality of microfoam.

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