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Easter Bunny

With all the upcoming Easter celebrations approaching, here are ideas to reward your customers. From unique treats to creative decorating, with ways to delight with Easter promotions.

The season of Easter is upon us again and, with it, the anticipation of family gatherings, egg hunts and of course, those eggstraordinary gifts. In other words, the time of year when retailers and brands are more than willing to spend a little extra on marketing. Here are ways you can reward your customers with Easter promotions and make their visit to your business even more rewarding.

Gift card program
All you must do is sign up with an online gift card service provider and you can offer gift cards that can be redeemable for anything, from groceries to restaurants to travel and more. You can set up an online store to sell your gift cards or have a website with a shopping basket where customers can place their orders and later redeem the gift cards for the merchandise they want.

Basket of goodies
Fill a basket with items customers will love, like coffee mugs, t-shirts, keyrings and novelty items. Not only will this basket make a great gift for your customers, but they will love looking at all the goodies while they wait for their turn to be helped.

Seasonal treats
Why not offer a seasonal food item with a purchase of a hot drink, hot cross buns, chocolate confectionary and shaped biscuits all go down well at this time of year.

Free delivery on orders over a certain amount
Do you have customers in your immediate area? Offer free delivery on all orders. Alternatively look at your customer’s average spend and set the free delivery limit just above this to drive some more basket spend while still offering the free service.

Gift Draw on orders over a certain amount
Offer gift draw all orders over a certain amount, whether that is £25, £100 or any other amount you choose

Donate to charity
If your customers are into charitable giving, ask them to donate to their favourite cause. You can set up a donation page on your website with a special Easter benefit or have a contest where customers give photos of their spring-cleaning activities and vote on their favourite. The most popular entrant wins a star prize.

Have a spring-cleaning sale?
How about having a spring-cleaning sale and donating all the proceeds to charity? You can set up a website with a spring-cleaning theme and donate to your favourite charity or outdoor conservation group. Or you can put a sign in your window on Good Friday advertising a spring-cleaning sale going on in celebration of Easter.

Other ideas
Host an egg hunt for your customers’ kids or have an egg decorating contest. Another idea is to have a buy-one-get-one-free sale on a specific type of product you know your customers like.


Easter is a time of celebration, why not celebrate the ideas that you have and share some of them in the comments below, let everyone see how you stand out from the crowd?

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