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If you have ever watched a professional barista and noticed how they serve coffee or espresso in one kind of cup, and other drinks like cappuccino or mocha latte in another type of cup, then you will see why the right cup is an important part of your coffee service.

Group of mixed cups

Quality coffee should be served in the correct style of cup. A flat white needs a tulip shaped cup. Espresso needs to sit in a shot glass, while a latte requires a tall glass with a handle. Get it right for the perfect coffee experience.

An espresso is served in a cup known as a Demitasse. This particular shape and style of cup provides good heat insulation for such a small volume of liquid. 

With a small opening at the top your espresso can show off its great layer of crema without it dissapating. 

Latte glasses are an easy way to show off your barista skills with a Macchiato, use the glass to your advantage and show some layers.  

Traditionally an 8oz drink, latte glasses again now come in much larger sizes and styles.

Latte is only ever served in a glass; if you use a cup then you are making a flat white or cappuccino, a mug is for hot chocolate and filter coffee.

White porcelain cups are the best options for serving cappuccino. They enable the rich flavour of the beverage while enhancing heat retention.

Traditionally Cappuccino are served as a 7oz drink, but now it is possible to find cups in a range of sizes. 

With the growth of coffee on the go, takeaway cups now come in a range of sizes and shapes perfect for all manner of drinks. From small 4oz cups to giant 16oz buckets there is a size and design to fit all types of businesses. 

When Summer comes around every year, drinking habits change. Instead of the warm glow of hot drinks, people begin to look for the refreshing chill of iced drinks. Clear cups provide a great opportunity to present your drinks in style through use of syrups, sauces and toppings. 

Many people enjoy iced drinks such as Frappes on a cold day. Other ideas for cold drinks include Iced Coffees, smoothies and slushes.

As a coffee shop owner, you will want to give your customers the best possible experience. Our range of coffee cups and glasses make coffee customers feel welcome and important, whether they are seated by the bar or standing outside. Our carefully selected ranges are shaped to complement each drink and make every drink taste better.

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