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Amazing DeJong Duke Coffee Machine – Now in Stock

The Dejong Duke Bean to Cup coffee machine has some amazing advanced features. From your own TV-style advertising on its screen to our ability to programme it remotely from our office as well its ability to email us immediately something goes wrong so that we can then diagnose and even correct the problem without leaving our office.

But best of all we have a special deal where you can easily afford it by only making 2 sales per day.

Have a look – Let us know what you think. The Dejong Duke is truly an international success as this video from Canadian Distributor shows.

However, you can reach us here in Scotland and book your own onsite obligation free 01506 823402.

The price shown is the weekly equivalent based upon a 4-month hire that can be extended month by month for as long as you choose. You can even own the machine for a discounted settlement at any time of your choosing during the hire.

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