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How To Clean Group Head Coffee Machines


Puly Group Head Cleaner
Tapside recommend Puly Caff Powder

1) Remove the filter from your group head handle. Add 3.5g of Puly Caff Powder (1 scoop or approx 1/4 tsp) to the blanking disc and sit this in the group handle.
2) Put the handle securely in place, just as if making a coffee, then press your continuous hot water button for 10 seconds.
Leave for 1 minute to allow the Puly Caff Powder to foam & expand. 
3) Press the continuous hot water button for 10 seconds a further      4 times for a thorough clean. Wastewater will exit into the drip tray.
4) Remove the group head and rinse well under the hot water tap.
5) Replace the group head handle, again just as if making a coffee, and repeat (pressing the continuous hot water button for 10 seconds, then allowing the wastewater to exit) a further 5 times to completely rinse away all cleaning product.

We recommend you do this each morning or after every 100 drinks (approx 1 kilo of coffee beans). Watch our Youtube video.


Before each use, clear the steam wand with a burst of steam – this stops water getting into your milk.

After each use, wipe the steam arm with a cleaning cloth, and clear with another burst of steam – this removes any milk left in the nozzle or arm itself.

Never immerse the steam wand in water.

Remember to remove and clean your drip tray and grill at the end of each day. 

If your machine is not plumbed in, it is important to empty and clean your waste water container regularly too.

More Cleaning Tips!

Group Head Brush with Puly Scoop
Measuring Scoop & Cleaning Brush for Puly Caff Powder

To keep the metal on your group handle spotlessly clean, add one scoop of Puly Caff powder to very hot water and soak. (Be careful to keep the plastic part of the handle clear of the cleaning solution.) This method also cleans filters and metal jugs well. We recommend you do this weekly.

With a measuring scoop for Puly Caff powder at one end (to save guessing or wasting product) and a handy brush for meticulous cleaning at the other, this little gadget helps keep your group heads immaculate and your coffee tasting delicious. 

Try our Espré 100 Rich Roast Coffee 1K

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