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We are often asked about our coffee. Where do we get it? Where does it come from? How is it roasted? Hopefully today we can answer some of those questions.

Espré 100

Map of Coffee

Our Espré 100 coffee beans are a carefully selected blend sourced from Vietnam. Believed to have been introduced to the country by french missionaries, coffee growing has expanded from small-scale farming until today when Vietnam is the world’s second-biggest producer of Coffee beans. 

Grown at heights between 600 and 1200 Metres the coffee is harvested between November and January following the end of the Vietnamese wet season. This distinct weather pattern is ideal for growing coffee. 

Coffee Bean types

A blend of carefully selected robusta and arabica coffee beans. This coffee is slow-roasted to produce a developed flavoursome espresso. The full flavor of this coffee is not lost when used in all milk-based drinks.

Our coffee is roasted regularly by expert roasters who have over 135 years of experience in roasting and blending coffee as well as selecting the finest beans and tea leaves for use in a wide range of environments.

Our blend is then roasted as an espresso roast, this increases the solubility of the coffee, to help extract the correct flavours in every shot. When brewed with 7g of freshly ground coffee the flavour profile will be of a richly roasted aroma, medium body and exhibit the smell of hazelnuts.

We then take regular delivery of freshly roasted and packed product to send out to our customers as quickly as we can. That way we can keep providing the great tasting coffee that everyone knows and loves. 

If you would like more information why not give us a call and we can see how we can help you.

Espré 250g Coffee Beans

Decaffinated Beans


Sourced in the Oaxaca Region of Mexico. Our Decaf Beans and Ground Decaf Sachets, are sourced from high mountainous regions above 1650m and harvested during November to January.



They are made using a process known as, Pure Mountain Water Decaf. 

The green coffee beans are immersed in water to extract the caffeine.
The water now contains the caffeine and all the flavour elements of the green coffee.
The caffeine is then extracted using a special filter and the flavourful water is then used to wash the green coffee again, which helps maintain the maximum flavour in our decaffeinated coffee.

This coffee has been roasted to a style which will allow for a number of brewing options including espresso and filter.  The water process has ensured maximum flavour retention and a slower roasting time.

You can expect clean cup with a light mouthfeel and it produces a magnificent aroma; you would be forgiven for not believing this was a decaf.

We hope that you find this information useful and that it allows you to discuss the coffee that you sell with your customers.  As always we are available to answer any questions that you may have, feel free to get in contact with us in any of the ways listed at the bottom of the page. 

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