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Changes to Tapside Packaging

The world’s climate crisis and personal environmental responsibility is something that is often in the news, and something that is often in our thoughts here at Tapside. We are asking ourselves often how we can improve our sustainability and environmental impact.

In one of our biggest changes to date, you will see the packaging for our espre 100 coffee beans change from the foil-lined bag that we currently use to a coloured acetate bag. Acetate is a plant based plastic which comes from renewable sources.

Our new packaging is displayed on the left of the image below. 

New Packaging

There many advantages that acetate plastic has compared to petroleum-based plastic. Some are as follows:

  1. Hypo-allergenic
  2. Acetate plastics protect all users from allergy. The raw materials used and the processing methods utilized to manufacture acetate plastic ensures that the finished product does not trigger allergies from users. This is because minimum chemicals are needed in order to produce it.
  3. Environment-Friendly
  4. Acetate plastic does not harm the environment. It is made out of natural materials acquired from plants. Raw materials are not extracted by introducing chemicals to the source which harm the environment. Also, acetate plastic decomposes over time.

In previous years we have taken steps to provide more sustainable products such as our Planet Compostable Takeway Cups, lids and cardboard sleeves. We will be looking to expand our offering in this area as time goes on. 


Our delivery partner DPD is the UK’s most sustainable delivery company and is continually driving its business model forward to provide the most efficient and sustainable service. More details regarding their programmes can be found here:

Our Fairtrade range of products consists of coffee beans and sugar products all available to buy through our website and through the usual ways. 

We continually look for more ways to expand this range and hope to introduce more products in the near future. 

These changes along with those made previously will allow us at Tapside to offer a more sustainable offering for many years to come. 

As always if you have comments or suggestion on ways we can improve or products you would like to see us stock, please let us know and we will do our best. 

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